Little Known Facts About Kim Jong-un's 'butler' in Vietnam ahead of Trump-Kim summit.

The particular founder of Huawei has said now there is "no way the US can easily crush" the company, in an outstanding interview with the BBC.

Ren Zhengfei described the arrest of his princess Meng Wanzhou, the company's chief monetary officer, as politically motivated.

The US ALL is pursuing criminal charges against Huawei and Ms Meng, including money washing, bank fraud and stealing trade strategies.

Huawei denies any wrongdoing.

Mr Ren spoke to the BBC's Karishma Vaswani in his first international broadcast job interview since Ms Meng was arrested : and dismissed the pressure from the particular US.

"There's no way the US ALL can crush us, " he stated. "The world cannot leave us since we are more advanced. Even when they persuade more countries not in order to use us temporarily, we can often scale things down a bit. inches

However, he acknowledged that the possible loss of custom could have a new significant impact.

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Just what else did Mr Ren say regarding the US?

Last week, US Admin of State Mike Pompeo warned the particular country's allies against using Huawei technologies, saying it would make it considerably more difficult for Washington to "partner together with them".

Australia, New Zealand, and the particular US have already banned or obstructed Huawei from supplying equipment for their particular future 5G mobile broadband networks, although Canada is reviewing whether the industry’s products present a serious security risk.

Mr Ren warned that "the planet cannot leave us because we are usually more advanced".

"If the lights move out in the West, the Far east will still shine. And if the particular North goes dark, there is nevertheless the South. America doesn't represent typically the world. America only represents a section of the world. "

What does Mr Ren say about investment throughout the UK?

The UK's National Web Security Centre has decided that virtually any risk posed by using Huawei technologies in UK telecoms projects can get managed.

Many of the UK's mobile phone companies, including Vodafone, EE and About three, are working with Huawei to create their 5G networks.

They are waiting for a government review, due in Mar or April, that will decide regardless of whether they can use Huawei technology.

Strategies on the possibility of a BRITISH ban, Mr Ren said Huawei "won't withdraw our investment because of this kind of. We will continue to invest inside the UK.

"We still trust inside the UK, and we hope that will the UK will trust us also more.

"We will invest even even more in the UK. Because if the particular US doesn't trust us, then most of us will shift our investment from typically the US to the UK on the even bigger scale. "

What does indeed Mr Ren think about his little girl's arrest?

Mr Ren's daughter Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's chief financial officer, was imprisoned on 1 December in Vancouver from the request of the US, plus is expected to be the subject matter of a formal extradition request.

Throughout total, 23 charges are levelled in opposition to Huawei and Ms Weng. The fees are split across two indictments simply by the US Department of Justice.

The particular first covers claims Huawei hid company links to Iran - which is certainly subject to US trade sanctions. Typically the second includes the charge of pursued theft of trade secrets.

Mr Ren was clear in his opposition in order to the US accusations.

"Firstly, I target to what the US has completed. This kind of politically motivated take action is not acceptable.

"The US desires to sanction others, whenever there's the issue, they'll use such combative procedures.

"We object to this. But today that we've gone down this route, we'll let the courts settle that. "

What did Mr Ren declare about Chinese government spying?

Huawei, which in turn is China's largest private company, features been under scrutiny for its hyperlinks to the Chinese government - along with the US and others expressing matter its technology could be used by simply China's security services to spy.

Beneath Chinese law, firms are compelled in order to "support, co-operate with and collaborate within national intelligence work".

But Mr Ren said that allowing spying was some sort of risk he wouldn't take.

"The Offshore government has already clearly said that will it won't install any backdoors. Plus we won't install backdoors either.

"We're not going to risk the repugnance of our country and of each of our customers all over the world, since of something like this.

"Our business will never undertake any spying actions. If we have any such measures, then I'll shut the company lower. "

Is Huawei part of the particular Chinese state?

Analysis - Karishma Kim Jong-un's 'butler' in Vietnam ahead of Trump-Kim summit Vaswani, BBC Asia business correspondent - Shenzhen

For a man known as reclusive and secretive, Ren Zhengfei seemed assured in the conviction that the organization he's built for the last 40 years can withstand the scrutiny by Western governments.

Mr Ren is best: the US makes up only some sort of fraction of his overall business.

Although where I saw his mood transformation was when I asked him regarding his links to the Chinese military services and the government.

While he responded to all of my questions, he turned down to be drawn into a discussion on this, only to say of which these were not facts, simply accusations - and insisted that political links are not what has led Huawei to be successful today.

When I actually put to him the reports that will his former chairwoman, Sun Yafang, acquired once worked with China's Ministry regarding State Security, he told me that will her profile was up on typically the company's corporate website and that he or she didn't think it was "OK in order to suspect or guess where this man or woman used to be".

He also affirmed that there is a Communist Gathering committee in Huawei, but he explained this is what all companies rapid foreign or domestic - operating inside China must have in order to be able to abide by the law.

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